IAM – Internet Access Manager and Qos

Internet Bandwidth Management

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology combines real-time monitoring, analytics, reporting and an intelligent recommendation engine to provide network operators with the visibility to pinpoint the sources of congestion and delays. By shifting the paradigm from capacity management to demand management, this enables network operators to more efficiently use the bandwidth they are paying for over a longer period of time. And, with auto-generated, easy-to-read reports, the task of communicating network status and usage to both internal and external customers is a snap

This takes the guesswork out of managing traffic demand. Combining expertise in bandwidth management with network optimization technology, this provides network managers and operators a solution for prioritizing critical applications and highly throughput-sensitive applications over others in real time.

Bandwidth Management and Access Gateway appliances allow end users to access the internet without making changes to their networks. “Set and Forget” functionality requires configuration only once during setup without administration oversight from then on.

This new technology, allows IT staff to analyse and inspect application traffic at Layer 7 to troubleshoot issues when they arise. Interactive data modelling capabilities provide a better understanding of the health of the network. Intuitive dashboards help operators visualize network activities for all users, applications, devices and locations.

Why would you use a IAM?

  • Effectively prevents staff from doing non-work related activities.
  • Maximize the bandwidth usage.
  • Avoids leakage and regulatory risks, protect the intranet data security.
  • Visual management and comprehensive control of the network.

What are the benefits?

  • You can authenticate your guests via SMS, Portal, Social Media and QR Code.
  • You can create a QR code to allow your visitors to connect to the Wi-Fi simply by opening any QR code software and scan it.
  • With this type of authentication, there is no need to change your Wi-Fi password every time and you can generate the QR Code according to each visitor group
  • IAM can effectively control both Wired and Wireless networks, achieving Unified Management of all clients in the entire network.
  • With rich and flexible authentication methods, it can fully guarantee the security of access control, which supports a variety of traditional authentication methods such as username/password, IP/MAC binding, etc., as well as value-added marketing authentication methods (QR code, SMS, WeChat, App, etc.).
  • It can also control permissions based on user, application, location and client types.
  • IAM manages and controls network applications more comprehensively, accurately and conveniently.
  • It has the largest application signature database in Asia, which can identify 2,900 network applications, over 900 mobile applications and is updated every 2 weeks.
  • It can also precisely control applications according to their specific functions, such as distinguishing upload, download and other actions in the network.
  • Last but not least, its bulk management mode for large enterprises greatly improves the management efficiency.